.containsAllMatchingElements(patternNodes) => Boolean

Returns whether or not all of the given react elements in patternNodes match an element in the wrapper's render tree. Every single element of patternNodes must be matched one or more times. Matching follows the rules for containsMatchingElement.


  1. patternNodes (Array<ReactElement>): The array of nodes whose presence you are detecting in the current instance's render tree.


Boolean: whether or not the current wrapper has nodes anywhere in its render tree that looks like the nodes passed in.


const style = { fontSize: 13 };
const wrapper = mount((
    <span className="foo">Hello</span>
    <div style={style}>Goodbye</div>


Common Gotchas

  • .containsAllMatchingElements() expects an array of ReactElement, not a selector (like many other methods). Make sure that when you are calling it you are calling it with an array of ReactElement or a JSX expression.
  • Keep in mind that this method determines matching based on the matching of the node's children as well.