.map(fn) => Array<Any>

Maps the current array of nodes to another array. Each node is passed in as a ShallowWrapper to the map function.


  1. fn (Function ( ShallowWrapper node, Number index ) => Any): A mapping function to be run for every node in the collection, the results of which will be mapped to the returned array. Should expect a ShallowWrapper as the first argument, and will be run with a context of the original instance.


Array<Any>: Returns an array of the returned values from the mapping function..


const wrapper = shallow((
    <div className="foo">bax</div>
    <div className="foo">bar</div>
    <div className="foo">baz</div>

const texts = wrapper.find('.foo').map((node) => node.text());
expect(texts).to.eql(['bax', 'bar', 'baz']);